Who is my Target Audience?

There’s really no such thing as an ‘average viewer.’ When people search online for information, they have specific needs that reflect unique personalities and motivations. Tapping into who you want to reach is perhaps the most important step to effective marketing.

When you develop a detailed description of your target audience, you give your production crew a vital tool. But it’s difficult to do so on a whim. Below are three steps to help you start defining your TARGET AUDIENCE.

  1. ARTICULATE WHO YOU ARE a. Without defining what it is you offer and the problems you help solve, you’ll have a difficult time narrowing down your ideal customer.
  2. CREATE A CUSTOMER PROFILE a. Be as specific as possible. In fact, don’t be afraid to go overboard. This step will help you decide what attracts and repels the people you reach and will lead to a razor-sharp video marketing piece.
  3. ENGAGE IN CONVERSATION a. Go to places that are already reaching your target audience. Ask lots of questions to your customers, honing in on what they really need. Find what resource(s) you can add to the conversation that others haven’t.

After you hone in on your three steps—then here are some questions to consider when identifying your target audience.

  1. Who would pay for my product/service?
  2. Who has already bought from me?
  3. Am I overestimating my reach?
  4. What does my network think?
  5. How will I sell my product?
  6. How did my competitors get started?
  7. How will I find my customers?
  8. Is there room to expand my target market?